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Coinbase: Trade and store crypto with ease

Coinbase is a crypto currency exchange. It was founded in 2012, nearly four years after Bit coin was created. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices around the world. 

Coinbase is a fully licensed and regulated Bitcoin exchange. Coinbase is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and currently ranks third on

Coinbase is popular because it is one of the simplest and fastest-growing purchases. Also helpful is that this is a regulated company in the United States. Since Coinbase is located in the US, if you are a US resident, you do not have to submit an IRS FBAR (Foreign Bank and Finance Report) form for foreign accounts over $ 10,000. 

On the Coinbase platform, you can trade Bit coin, Bit coin Cash, Ethereum, and Lite coin without first converting the base currency to another crypto currency.

When choosing to exchange cryptocurrencies, it is important to have a lot of liquidity on the exchange. Otherwise, the spread of the coin might be large, making the deal more expensive. Coinbase is a very large exchange with a lot of liquidity, so the spread is not worth paying attention to. Liquidity also means that you will be able to conduct large transactions without any problems.

Like other crypto currency exchanges, Coinbase provides a digital wallet to store your digital assets on their own. With Coinbase Wallet, you can keep all your crypto currencies on your device. Coinbase Wallet app is decentralized and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It meets the highest security standards, including Secure Enclave and biometric technology.

Coinbase users can also use the exchange to buy USD currency. The US dollar currency is a "stable currency," which means that if you have a US bank account, you can always exchange one US dollar for one US dollar. Every USD coin that can be bought on Coinbase is backed by USD and can be stored in the Coinbase Wallet or any Ethereum-compatible digital wallet. 

Additionally, Coinbase Level 2 certified account holders can earn rewards on the UDSCs they own. At time of publication, the USD currency bonus provided 1.25% APY, but has since decreased to 0.15%. Compare Coinbase rewards with other top crypto savings accounts.

Coinbase Pro is a trading platform that performs a large number of transactions. Pro has a larger asset base than traditional platforms. There are currently over 50 sources. You will also get a higher trade volume.

You will pay 0.5% spread fee and transaction fee for each crypto currency transaction. The fee table is as follows: 

• The total transaction amount is less than or equal to $ 10 - $ 0.99 | 0,99 € | Euro 0.99 GBP 

• The total transaction amount is greater than $ 10, but less than or equal to $ 25 - $ 1.49 | 1.49 EUR | £ 1.49 

• Total Transaction Amount greater than $ 25, but less than or equal to $ 50 - $ 1.99 | € 1.99 | £ 1.99 

• Total Transaction Amount greater than $ 50, but less than or equal to $ 200 - $ 2.99 | 2.99 EUR | £ 2.99 In addition, wire transfers convert $ 10 inward and $ 25 in foreign currency.